Ryan Reynolds' Trailer For 'The Captive' Feels Like A Snowy, Depressing 'Taken'

Maybe it's just my disbelief in watching Ryan Reynolds play the father of a teenager. Maybe it's seeing a post-Killing Mireille Enos in another dreary landscape, trying to solve a mystery about another harmed teenage girl. But I kind of get the complete lack of hype around The Captive . It seems like the kind of movie Liam Neeson would fall asleep during.

It feels tempting to say The Captive marks Reynolds' return to the big screen after some time rollicking around the Hamptons with wife Blake Lively, but it's not like the dude hasn't been in things — it's just that some of those things seem best ignored. R.I.P.D.? We should probably forget that ever happened.

In The Captive, which premiered at Cannes to resounding boos (always a good sign), Reynolds plays a father whose daughter disappears. Psychological thriller hijinks ensue, and it seems like the kind of movie that has a lot of emotional screaming, a lot of frowning, a lot of furrowed eyebrows, and a lot of shots of the detectives (Rosario Dawson and Scott Speedman) whispering to each other about what might be happening.

Make of all of that what you will. What I'm mainly making of it is that Reynolds' daughter might just have run away to a warmer climate.

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Image: Ego Film Arts, The Film Farm