'Catfish' Renewed For Season 4, Let the Nev & Max Bromancing Continue!

In what is literally the least surprising announcement anyone will hear all day, Variety is reporting that MTV has renewed Catfish: The TV Show for season 4. Of course, considering the show's high ratings and all the buzz surrounding it (plus the fact that it seems to be mostly real!) this decision was likely a no brainer; but, still, it's nice to have official confirmation that we'll definitely be seeing more of Nev and Max's bromantic adventures in the year to come. Oh, and also everyone who's being catfished by someone — we'll see more of them too. But mostly Nev and Max.

The announcement was made at MTV's TCA panel, according to this tweet from Reality Blurred posted earlier today: "#Catfish will (unsurprisingly) be back for a fourth season, MTV announced. #TCA14." The Hollywood Reporter expanded on the announcement, noting that season 3 premiered to a whopping two million viewers earlier in May of this year.

Now, what better way to celebrate excellent news like this than a GIF party of Nev and Max being adorable and awesome together on the road? Answer: There is no better way. So here we go — congrats on season 4, guys!

Image: MTV, transsexualtransylvania/Tumblr, transsexualtransylvania/Tumblr, transsexualtransylvania/Tumblr