Colbie Caillat Gives Makeup-Free A "Try' in Video

An essential part of so many music video shoots is the hair and makeup department. Colbie Caillat, singer whose fame took off after her fun-loving single "Bubbly" and New York Fashion Week attendee, is forgoing tradition and breaking down barriers by avoiding both of those in her video for her newest single, "Try." The song comes off of her latest EP, Gypsy Heart, and for the video is directly linked to the inspiration for the song. Caillait says in a Q&A with Cosmopolitan that she wrote the song after entering the studio with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds. They had a very open and honest conversation about how the singer felt pressure to get her nails done, put on a perfect outfit, get her hair and makeup done, not only just before awards shows, but even before she went to the studio. Babyface encouraged Cailait to write a song about the pressures that she was so sick of feeling.

The video is simple. Different women lip synch to the worlds of the song. Throughout the video, the women, including Caillat, are removing hair pieces, false eyelashes, makeup, and other artificial pieces that meet today's beauty standards. At one point a video editing software even slides across the screen, showing what Caillat looks like without the line softeners and blurring that are so common on film.

Um, yeah. It's a tearjerker. For sure. Kudos to the honesty that Caillat displayed, and for encouraging women everywhere to love themselves for who they naturally are.