Katie Holmes's New Manhattan Apartment Is Probably Bigger Than Your Entire House

When you're rich (and a celebrity, but mostly just rich), life — no matter how awful it gets or how many marriages to Tom Cruise you experience — is always lived in really nice houses. So, it's no surprise that Katie Holmes is moving from one expensive Manhattan apartment to another that's probably bigger than any house I've ever stepped foot in, because she is rich, and life is unfair.

Holmes, if you weren't already aware thanks to the billions of tabloid stories that have been published about her home, currently lives in Chelsea with her daughter Suri Cruise, renting a $12,500 a month 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment. It's a huge space, which is only available in Manhattan when you have enough money to pay the hefty rent price and also not have to eat ramen noodles with your hands (paper plates are too expensive) every night for years just to afford it. You can trust me, because I do not have $12,500 a month to pay for rent, and I currently live in a glorified closet in Manhattan.

Her new place is apparently in a more "family-friendly" neighborhood in midtown, and is also three bedrooms — however, she's reportedly purchasing this property, so the price tag is a much more expensive $4 million. Holmes "wanted more of a neighborhood for her daughter," Us Weekly reports, so that's the reason for the big move.

Ugh. Life is just not fair. Congrats to Holmes on the new place, though. Joey would be proud...and probably jealous because $4 million is a LOT of money.

Image: ONTD