9 Breakup Quotes to Help Heal Your Beaten-Up Heart

Getting over a breakup can feel like a never-ending uphill climb. Even after you try to follow all the sensible post-breakup advice that's out there — immerse yourself in work, go out and drink all the margaritas, see a therapist — it's still going to hurt. It always hurts until you've taken time to grow personally and replace your pain with positive experiences, which, as you might find out the hard way, don't necessarily include a new partner. Yup, it sucks, and pretending otherwise is silly and counterproductive.

But there is stuff you can do in the short term to at least minimize that pain (and no, it doesn't involve margaritas or rebound anythings). You can write stream-of-consciousness style — don't worry if it's good, just keep writing. You can get ridiculously good at a sport. You can listen to music that helps you express your emotions. We're big fans of making a kick-butt breakup playlist (we even made our own, featuring a range of ex-channeled rage, from Taylor Swift to Alanis) and driving with the windows down blasting it or just dancing around to it in your living room.

And if you need a little wisdom, you can learn from these quotes by people who've been there.

1. Marilyn Monroe

From Goodreads.com

This means there's someone way better out there for you. Trust.

2. Frank Ocean

From IMDB.com

While we don't encourage violence, ice cream is often the answer — at least temporarily.

3. Margaret Mitchell

From Goodreads.com

The Gone with the Wind author is onto something here. There's no sense hanging onto something that's already dunzo.

4. Drake

From Drakequote.com

You can't erase memories ... but you can and should delete texts, Facebook messages, and photos.

5. Anonymous

From Pinterest.com

It should take way less time than seven years to get over a breakup, but it's kind of cool to think that in seven years, you'll have a totally new body. One that only lets worthy people have access to it.

6. Carrie Bradshaw

From Sex and the City

She didn't always have the healthiest relationships (or follow her own advice), but she's got a point here.

7. Mandy Hale

From The Single Woman: Life, Love, & a Dash of Sass

Look at your breakup as an opportunity.

8. Anonymous

From about.com

Don't hurt yourself trying to repair something that's already broken.

9. Sandi Lynn

From Forever Black

"Not in your life" means not in your Google search history or call history, either.

Image: Fotolia