So... Are They Back Together?

Sometimes a conscious uncoupling is just what the doctor ordered. Ever since actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her hubby, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, embarked on the friendliest separation of all time (I mean, they didn't even call it a breakup!), the two have been nearly inseparable. Just earlier this week, Paltrow and Martin were spotted together in the Hamptons with their children, Apple and Moses, at the Bay Kitchen Bar. And, according to a source for E! News, the two appeared to be in “good spirits” and “looked like a very happy family.”

So either the two are one step closer to reconciling (consciously recoupling?), or they are putting forward an admirable attempt at coparenting. She’s even recently recommended music from Martin’s group Coldplay on her Goop website. Back in June, People magazine reported that the separation could, indeed, become temporary.

'They haven't made any concrete decision to get back together yet, but clearly it's a possibility,' a friend of the couple was quoted as saying. 'At this point, some of the pressure was just taken off them – pressure they put on themselves to "make it work".'

Maybe there is some truth to the old adage: Former couples who vacation together with their children put most couples to shame and eventually reconcile. Or maybe — just maybe — they are just really good parents. How much do we really know about this whole “conscious uncoupling” thing anyway? It could be something you do together with your quasi-ex.