What To Wear To a Beyonce Concert

by Shorey Andrews

By now I am abundantly aware that Beyoncé has a hold on us, but when she joined forces with her husband Jay-Z for this summer's On The Run tour I don't think I was quite prepared for the mass hysteria that would soon implode on the world. Putting together two powerhouses to create such a luxurious and fiery concert experience is enough to make any guy or girl want to bow down at the throne of Queen Bey and the king of hip hop.

The On The Run tour is full of over the top extravagance, and that starts with the wardrobe from both performers. It is estimated that the duo changes an outfit each time they leave the stage, giving concert goers around 15-18 different outfits to drool over. If that statement is true, then it surely begs the question--what does a fan wear to a Beyoncé concert? If the inspiration is lost on you, perhaps the outfits below will get your mind reeling with what you can put together to see what is bound to be one of the most incredible concerts of a lifetime. But be warned, many of them are not your average concert trotting ensembles, they are head-to-toe fierce, just how Beyoncé would want it to be!


Of course it wont really feel like you are at a Beyoncé concert unless you are wearing some leather and lace. Just like the body suits Bey rocks out in every night, this outfit is ready to take you directly from the show to the club. Don't forget the red nails and lips, they are the key to making it all come together.


These items may seem obvious, but what makes them fun is a little pop of color. It doesn't have to be pink, choose the one that is right for you. If the heels feel like too much for you to dance in, switch them out for a great pair of wedge sneakers.


If your goal is to look incredible, but still feel comfortable, this might be the option for you. Incorporating distressed denim shorts with a fitted crop top makes way for endless accessory options, and a backpack ensures you can over-pack for the show without worry.


For the gal that isn't down for getting too fancy, take note of the above. You can still look totally adorable and on trend, while also feeling right at home. A light cardigan is a smart move for your evening stroll home--dancing in the streets of course!


What better way to mark your entrance than an outfit dripping in bling. You can play down all the other elements of your look and bring in the bling for that glamour factor you are craving. Who knows, maybe your shiny statements will catch the attention of Beyoncé herself!

Images: Polyvore