The NYT to Publish Your Instagram Wedding Pics

The New York Times, for once, may actually be "on it," if "it" can be considered the trend of weddings on Instagram. That's contrary to everyone's favorite Twitter feed, of course, which pokes fun at how far behind the times The Times usually is.

According to the paper's website:

Starting this summer, the Vows section will publish Wedding Album, an occasional series of your wedding-themed Instagram photos. Images should capture a detail, a personal moment or a feeling from your wedding or a celebration you attended. Please avoid generic images, like a posed shot of the couple or a table setting. You may submit photos from any time period, and from any part of the world. Although specific themes will be suggested, any poignant photos — even ones that do not fit a theme — are welcome.

Interesting, surprising, and dare I say it, pretty cool? The New York Times is usually very strict about the photos they'll publish, so this is a big step for them.

I for one, am a fiend for Instagrammed-weddings. Anytime anyone on my feed posts a picture from a wedding, I click on the twee little hashtag to see all the other photos from that wedding. It's fun and cute and makes me elicit envious-yet-happy sighs basically every weekend from April to September. Now I can have that feeling when perusing the Times style section, too!

But really, I do think this sounds like a neat idea, especially since photos from any era are fair game. Get out all the awesome pics from your grandparents wedding and start filtering away, everyone!