Angela Merkel's Best Faces from the World Cup

Germany managed a 1-0 win over Argentina in the World Cup Final on Sunday, and Angela Merkel's faces captured every moment. The stoical German chancellor sat in a box with a bunch of much-hated figures — namely Russian President Vladimir Putin and FIFA President Sepp Blatter — and still managed to have a good time. How could you not, when your team managed to win the most sought-after four-year sports title the world over? (Don't tell that to Putin. He thought it was the Olympics.)

Merkel had a pretty good week. In an interview put on air Sunday, she excoriated the U.S. for spying on her. (Bad call, NSA.) She talked Ukraine with Putin prior to the match, because she has used her pro diplomatic skills to become a go-between and an essential part of the negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. Basically, she's a boss.

Germany loves her so much that they often go with this phrase to describe her importance to the team, the BBC writes:

Our twelfth man is a woman.

She also gave a huge hug to every member of the team after their win on Sunday, earning her accolades and fans on Twitter.

Here's a rundown of Merkel's best faces from the match:

1. Stoic Merkel

Handout/Getty Images News/Getty Images

At the beginning of the match, Merkel communicated that she meant business.

2. Watchful Merkel

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

This Angela Merkel couldn't take her eyes off the match.

3. Tense Merkel

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Here, observe Merkel gripping this apparent roster like it is a lifeline. Understandable given Argentina's shots on goal.

4. Skeptical Merkel

Martin Rose/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

This one-eye-open, one-eye-closed Merkel is my personal fave.

5. Celebratory Merkel

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

This Merkel says "Yayyyyy!"

6. Ecstatic Merkel


7. Hugtastic Merkel

Clive Rose/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Merkel gave Germany's bloodied Bastian Schweinsteiger a sweaty hug after the game. Hugs for everyone! Hugs for days!