'Doctor Who' Season 8 Trailer is Here — See Actual Footage Of Peter Capaldi's Twelve — VIDEO

It seems like it's been forever since Matt Smith left his mantle as the Doctor and was replaced in the final seconds of "The Time of the Doctor" with the older, probably cumudgeonlier Peter Capaldi. Since then, we haven't really gotten that much from Capaldi — we've barely even seen him speak in character as Twelve in any of the promos for Season 8. Which is why this new Doctor Who Season 8 trailer feels like the first actual trailer for the season: You get to not only see him, but hear him — as well as some dinosaurs and some Clara.

The Doctor asks some age-old Doctor questions in this trailer: "Am I a good man?" for instance, to which Clara responds with an uplifting "I dunno." The mood for this season still seems to be in flux — though since a rough cut of the first episode's now been leaked (oops), some people have probably already witnessed whatever mood they're going with.

This trailer also proves that Doctor Who and Star Trek can literally never get away from each other, and all they've got to blame is themselves: At one point Clara's all like "Where are we going, Doctah?" and Twelve responds with a confident "Into darkness." I am left only to assume they're headed to Netflix to watch some Benedict Cumberbatch-y Khan.

Oh, and did we mention there'll be dinosaurs?

Season 8 of Doctor Who premieres August 23.

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Image: BBC