Hilary Duff in 'A Cinderella Story' Made Casual Look Attainably Cool With These Looks

Hilary Duff’s A Cinderella Story is every underdog’s dream. The end of the movie that is. For anyone who has ever walked through the hallways of high school being tormented by “the popular kids” or ended up falling for the captain of the football team over secret text messages, this movie probably resonates with you. To be honest, my high school was pretty mellow and most of the students in my class got along, but as someone who went through a “scene kid” phase for far too long, I know what it’s like to be a little bit out there.

Yet with the inspiring message that you don’t have to be part of the cool crowd to be an empowered woman, and that you can always stand up to your bullies, one of the most memorable things about this movie (for me), was Duff’s on-point outfits. Though she was meant to be awkward and nerdy as her character Sam, I’m pretty sure everyone would agree that the fashion decisions made in this movie made her even cuter if anything.

Rocking Athletic Wear

From the beginning of the film, Sam is seen wearing her famous LA Dodgers baseball hat, which she has owned since childhood. This piece from her wardrobe is quite important to the story, as she has had it in her possession since the time of her father’s death. The hat acts a defense mechanism toward the end of the story.

The Sad Look

Warner Bros. Pictures

I’m all for neutrals and a good pair of Converse, but Duff’s grey long-sleeved shirt and black cargo pants pair was not the best decision.

The Pink & Black Diner Girl Uniform

Knowing what it’s like to work in the food industry, I can say that no matter how cute your work uniform, it won’t make up for the hell you’ll experience on the job. But the black checkered pants and the salmon colored apron? Fiona gets first place for worst stepmom ever.

A Night Out As Cinderella

After Duff enters the dance and everyone turns to look at her in a typically dramatic teen movie moment, there was really nothing that could top her beautiful white ball gown. Honestly, I still doubt I’d wear a tulle princess gown to my wedding, but Duff knew how to make it work. And that white mask? LAHV it.

The “Waiting For You Is Like Waiting For Rain In This Drought” Outfit

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Wearing blue jeans, a cami, and maroon and blue jacket, Duff, though in a simple look, somehow makes a powerful statement when she yells at Austin in the men’s locker room. Perhaps this look made her appear much more vulnerable but raw at the same time to show everyone the new, stronger version of Sam.

Those Pink Cargo Pants Though

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Now that it’s 2014, there’s really no excuse for this pink pants, pink Nikes, and pinkish-red top combination. But I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a moment in my past when I wanted to buy a pair of my own Kim Possible style cargo pants.

Images: Katerinoulalove/fanpop (2), favim, Warner Bros., IMDb, lhydiaries/blogspot