'Parks and Recreation' Star Retta Should Entertain These Post-'Parks' Career Ideas

Retta is a national treasure. Not all of the nation knows this yet, but it's true. With Parks and Recreation coming to an end this season (don't look at me), Retta is also at a crossroads. Talking about the soon-to-come transition in a recent interview with Vulture, the Parks star made it clear that moving on from the show and her castmates won't be easy. In fact, there are tears: When Vulture's Denise Martin asked Retta how the idea of soon having to say goodbye is sitting with her at this juncture, Retta burst into tears. Martin took the classic route of consolation by offering her some booze, but that just turned the Parks star introspective about the varying tear-inducing powers of alcohol: "[Wine will] make it worse! Wine is crying juice. Rum is worse. Oh, my God."

If it makes Retta feel any better, we have all the confidence in the world that she'll find a way to make her post-Parks years her best ever. She's smart, she's hilarious, she's intelligent, she's gorgeous, and she's got some mad game — the girl can get it, and by "it" I mean the devotion audiences everywhere and whatever else it is she desires. In fact, I've already got some ideas for what we'd love to see her doing in the years to come:

A Donna Spin-Off

I'll be honest, I'm still a little bummed there hasn't been a Donna-centric episode of Parks and Rec yet. The possibilities are endless: We could meet up with her in that jacuzzi in Seattle she mentioned one time or on a date with Bradley Cooper — you know the woman could get it. Make it happen, Mike Schur.

Become the Next Break-Out Comedy Star

So here's the plan: Another Bridesmaids-style ensemble comedy happens. Retta's got a role. She knocks it out of the park (because, well, obviously). It leads to a surprise Supporting Actress Oscar nomination. She and Melissa McCarthy do a buddy comedy. I die of happiness.

Host Her Own Talk Show

Retta's live-tweeting of TV shows gained her her own devoted audience, so why not try to retool those skills to some sort of pop culture commentary show? She could take over Chelsea Lately's spot on E!, for example — just picture a panel of Retta and a bunch of her friends dishing over the latest news/gossip/Game of Thrones death? The ladies on The View don't know what's about to hit them.

Write a Book

A book of essays, a traditional memoir, a scathing tell-all, a rollicking novel — you name it, I'd read it. Retta strikes me as the kind of woman who has a lot of opinions about a lot of things, and I would like to hear all of them, please.

Star Of a New Fox Comedy

Mindy Kaling and Zooey Deschanel already rule Fox comedy nights, but let's be real: We need some Retta up in there. And she needs a show to headline.

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