Emporio Armani's New Ad Is Uber Sexy, So Enjoy

If you're having a case of the Manic Mondays, it's time to sit back and enjoy Emporio Armani's latest underwear campaign, because it's worth taking forty seconds out of your busy day to truly savor. Much like past Armani campaigns, the advertisement for Emporio Armani's 2.0 Sensual Collection is quite risqué; this is underwear which is being advertised, after all. But it is much rarer to see a man draped over chair or prancing around a room in his skivvies than it is a woman, so this promotion — and its accompanying video — is quite a breath of fresh air. The Victoria's Secret Angels may have a run for their money with this one, because Armani's muscular male models have the art of seduction down to a T.

The Armani Twitter page claims the Sensual Collection is all about ease, and quite frankly, the models who wear them do look like they're remarkably at ease. Perhaps the video is a documentary of ridiculously fit athletes relaxing after a long day at the gym, because muscles like the ones on display in this short are rarely seen off the Jersey Shore or the menswear fashion runways. Either way, congratulations are in order for those select models who have sculpted such impressive frames…and for those who choose to view the video. Warning: the ad contains underwear-clad men, and is decidedly NSFW.