He's SO Happy About Lebron's New Team

The controversial finale of How I Met Your Mother may have left a sour taste in many mouths across the country, but there's no doubt about the endearing qualities of the show's many characters, including romantic sap Ted Mosby. Quality number one that I loved: His undying love for Cleveland sports teams and his feeling of betrayal when players deserted his beloved state of Ohio. Case in point, his obvious anger in Lebron James' original decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers. But now the tides has turned, the dark clouds have lifted: Lebron James is returning to his home state. And no one is happier about the news than Ted Mosby.

Entertainment Weekly got a videoed reaction from both Ted Mosby and his portrayer Josh Radnor, who also happens to be a native of Ohio, conveniently enough. The actor's response to the news was that of a normal bystander who has no personal ties to basketball but might be interested only for the sake of his home state. But Ted Mosby? That guy is excited, nay, ecstatic, nay overwhelmed with joy. Ted Mosby is more excited about Lebron James returning to the Cavs than he was when he found he could pull off red cowboy boots.

But what about some of our other favorite TV/Movie characters? Would this news affect them as much as Teddy Westside? Probably not, but let's think back on some of the greatest characters from How I Met Your Mother and beyond.

How I Met Your Mother's Barney

Last time Lebron had news about NBA team changes, Barney used this free agency as a way to decide to which strip club he would take his patronage. Like Lebron, he chose a new location. Funny thing is Barney's not even from Ohio, but that would never stop him. Perhaps, with the news that Lebron is heading back home, Barney will make another allusion to it? Hopefully it won't be about strip clubs again though, that made me tired and sad.

The Kids From Glee

Mr. Schue would probably have the New Directions (both old and new) celebrate by singing a cover of Diddy Dirty Money's "Coming Home". And you know he'd want to rap most of it. Maybe we should make sure Mr. Schue doesn't hear about this news...

J.D. From Scrubs

Oh you know JD, he'd do a fun, happy dance and then create some kind of daydream about meeting Lebron with Turk by his side. Then the Janitor would have to snap him out of it with some kind of terrible insult. Actually, I really want to see this happen. Zach Braff? Got any extra time on your hands?

Bruce Banner/The Hulk

First of all, how many people knew Bruce Banner is from Ohio? Fun fact of the day. As for his reaction, is there a happy way to hulk out?

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