Meet Cara Delevingne's Social Media Models

Remember when Cara made a stir (when is she not making a stir, by the way?) by announcing that she was going to cast the campaign for her DKNY 15-piece capsule collection through Instagram? Her 5-million-plus IG followers were encouraged to use the hashtags "CaraD4DKNY" and "CaraWantsYou" on their coolest selfies, in order to be considered to model for the brand. Casting through social media is still a relatively new idea (though, if it's your kind of jam, you may want to check out Marc Jacob's fall campaign, as it was similarly cast through Twitter, with the hashtag "CastMeMarc"), and as such, the contest picked up a lot of traction.

Aspiring models the world over (seriously, the winners hail from several different continents) took up the call to action, and Cara and DKNY have spent the last couple months choosing finalists, bringing them in for auditions, and finally, getting ready to shoot the collection itself.

Well, Monday afternoon Cara took to — where else? — her Instagram account to introduce each of the six winners, by posting a selfie with each winner. Curious to see the aspiring models hand-picked by Cara out of thousands? Read on!


@askulloffoxes hails from Brisbane, Australia and is the proud possessor of some pretty awesome piercings, tattoos and purple hair. Speaking of tattoos...


@badtatts is a student at the TONI&GUY academy in Santa Monica, California and can evidently match Cara in the art of delivering a goofy selfie:


Next up in the silly selfie lineup is @sehirphotographer, who is a Glaswegian artist/photographer. Here's the IG that got her on Cara's radar, by the way:


@lioneon is a graphic designer who hails from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Tongues out!


Cara looks shocked and thrilled to be photographed alongside @queenlilakoi. Her winning snap, in case you were curious:

It is captioned, simply, "Fro."


Finally, we have @jalenthealien, a Dallas-based model, whom Cara seems to be thoroughly enjoying snacking on.

For a glimpse of what it really means to star on Cara's IG, check out @jalenthealien's phone positively blowing up with notifications:

Crazy, right?

Images: Cara Delevingne/Instagram