Did Winnie & Kevin Do It On 'The Wonder Years'? Danica McKellar & Fred Savage Discuss — VIDEO

It's a pretty important question: did Winnie and Kevin do it in the barn in the finale of The Wonder Years? Fans have been wondering for awhile, because I mean, when you grow up with these kids, ya wanna know if they became men and women. Fortunately, Uproxx has pointed out a featurette on The Wonder Years reunion DVD that will hopefully put an end to all consternation. Danica McKellar (Winnie), Fred Savage (Kevin), and Josh Saviano (Paul) have come together once and for all to discuss whether or not Winnie and Kevin swiped their V-cards together. And the answer is... well, that's what the video for is, right? (But let's quickly ask why Paul is there to discuss whether or not they did it — he wasn't there, was he? Or was he...)

The Wonder Years DVD set features a whole slew of extras, which is a definite treat for anyone who was a fan of the show. This set of extras had been heavily anticipated, since back in May, the cast tweeted and Instagrammed sneak peeks as they filmed the extras. Now that the DVD is on sale and the cast has been reunited (and it feels so good,) we can take the time to answer the big questions, like this one. After all, we get by with a little help from our friends, right?

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Image: ABC