'My Old Lady' Trailer Has Maggie Smith Imitating Her 'Downton Abbey' Dowager Countess Role — VIDEO

Sure, the most uplifting trailer of the day might go to Hector and the Search For Happiness , but wouldn't you much rather watch Maggie Smith basically portray a less-wealthy version of her Downton Abbey character in the new trailer for My Old Lady? I don't know about you, but there's only one person that I love more than Smith, and that's the Dowager Countess of Grantham. Her finesse is always present, her wit is killer, and her ability to call someone out on their shit is magical. She's the ideal loveably snarky character.

Okay, so Smith isn't actually playing the Dowager in Israel Horovitz' My Old Lady, but her character is eerily similar. The film follows worn New Yorker Mathias Gold (Kevin Kline), who makes his way to Paris to claim a home that has been left to him by his estranged father. Unfortunately for him, getting a hold of the home is not as easy as he imagined. Up against him is Mathilde Girard (Smith) and her daughter Chloe (Kristin Scott Thomas) and the French law, which states that he must wait for Mathilde to die before he can own the property. And although one might think that the French law is his biggest obstacle, it's most definitely Smith's character, because, again, she's basically a modern version of the Dowager. And nobody beats the Dowager at a game she wants to win.

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After watching the trailer, it's clear that the two characters have more in common than just the actress who plays them:

Mathilde plays all sweet and innocent with her elderly ways, but she's a vicious kitten ready to scratch.

You just know they're both going to get their way.

"A French woman can live a long time" and so can a Dowager.

No one's going to make them go away.

Mathilde's insults could have been written by the Dowager.

Mathilde's jokes are great: "Please don't jump in, you'll probably fail to drown yourself and just end up with a dreadful cold."

Both characters are quite honest.

At one point in the trailer, Mathilde says, "I'm 90. Subtly is not something that interest me."

They both drink out of tiny glasses.

So dainty.

Maggie Smith will appear as the Dowager Countess, er, Mathilde in My Old Lady when it hits theaters on September 10.

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