7 Shameful Rat Tail Moments In Hair History To Remind Us Why We Can't Let Them Become A Thing Again

Let's talk about the rattail for a second. Yes, that hairstyle that you thought you forgot about is popping up again. First, Rodrigo Palacio during the World Cup and now? Anne Hathaway. Yes, you heard that right. Anne Hathaway. With a rat tail. It happened. Ok, so maybe the latter was mainly just a joke, but it caused me to reflect on some of the more burned-into-my-memory instances of rat tails and hey, if I have to remember, you should too. It's only fair. I shouldn't have to suffer alone here, guys.

If we're being honest, the '90s were a dark time for a lot of hair-related reasons. Scrunchies. Those expandy-headband thingies that were actually really painful. Butterfly clips. But then there was the rat tail. Not to be confused with the mullet, the rat tail is defined as "a hair style that is characterized by a long 'tail'-like element of hair growing downward from the back of the head." And if you didn't know, now you do. Thanks, Wikipedia.

So to celebrate (or mourn) the mini-comeback of the rat tail (and I, for one, and hoping it remains mini), here is a round up of the most shameful moments in rat tail history. Because sometimes we need to reflect and learn from the worst parts of history in order to really move forward.

1. Rihanna

So, true, this is sort of a mullet. But one site actually described the rat tail as the "sacred cousin" to the mullet. So, close enough. Right?

2. Corey Feldman


3. Rodrigo Palacio

Well. I think this one kind of speaks for itself. Internet, I love you.

4. This Guy

Bold move, whoever you are. Bold move.

5. Olympic Figure Skater

The elegant version of the rat tail. Except not. Because it's a ra ttail.

6. Miley Cyrus

I can't even begin to describe the face I'm making in reaction to seeing this photo for the first time, but all I can tell you it's very similar to when I witness small animals getting hit by cars.

7. New Kids On The Block

As if a rat tail alone isn't bad enough, they had to go and play with it. Come on, guys.

Bonus: The Lizard Tail