Her New Music Video Is Here & It's Really Insane

Just as I predicted a few days ago after seeing that crazy teaser for it, Paris Hilton's new music video for "Come Alive" is crazy. And of course, by crazy, I mean it still looks like a...how did I describe it? A "commercial for Barbies, a perfume commercial, Katy Perry’s 'California Gurls' video [...] and possibly a little bit of a Britney Spears video…all mashed up together and then on acid"? Yep — still completely accurate, except maybe with more of a perfume commercial vibe in there because it's over three minutes longer than the teaser. Still, there's no other way to describe this video. I mean, there's a unicorn .

Hilton debuted the video today on Vevo, and posted a tweet to commemorate the release as well: "The World Premiere of my new music video #Come Alive!" Simple, but effective, I guess. No mentions were made of the unicorn or where she found a literal swing made of flowers — she's clearly letting the art speak for itself. Or something. I don't even know.

Anyway, the video's embedded below if you want to check it out. Fun game to play while you do: See how many times you have to watch it to actually hear the song playing in the background and not be distracted by everything that's going on in the video. I'm at three and counting!