Ryan Reynolds is Still Getting Hell For This

Depending on how you look at it, 2011's Green Lantern was either the movie that eventually brought Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively together or the box office/critical dud that managed to be one of the most disappointing superhero movies in recent history. Or possibly in the history of cinema. For the folks over at Honest Trailers, it seems they're leaning more towards the latter with their latest installment which skewers that very flick.

The clip — while not nearly as great as some of the other Honest Trailer outings (like their recent, hilarious takedown of Forrest Gump ) or even as spot-on hilarious as the How Did This Get Made podcast's dissection of this mess — still provides some genuine laughs and allows people who spent their hard-earned money to see this movie to feel vindicated for their hatred of it.

According to Honest Trailers, Green Lantern — starring "Ryan Not Gosling" and "Blake Deadly" (ouch) — was nothing more than a boring, cliché-ridden superhero movie with an absurd intergalactic plot, terrible CGI animation, and a villain (played by Peter Sarsgaard) that resembles a "human testicle." Hey, they don't call them Honest Trailers for nothing. Watch the video here:

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures