Best Brands and Sites For Shopping As A Tall Girl

Being a tall girl can be a little rough at times. Don't get me wrong; it's great being able to reach high things and constantly getting asked if I play sports, but the height definitely has its more practical downsides. First and foremost: Clothing. Yes, ok, so most models are very tall, but the clothes in Forever 21, H&M and other mass retail brands? They're usually made for, well, an average height gal. And when you're well above average, the whole, "you could totally wear this dress as a shirt" thing gets a little old after a while.

I think I can speak for most tall girls when I say that accepting and embracing your height is something that takes a little bit of practice. High school is weird, middle school is even weirder and finally in college things are mostly ok — you even wear heels every now and then when you're feeling fabulous (as you should feel). But there's still that problem of clothing, and the fact that a vast majority of it just isn't really made to fit girls over 5'7. And since I'm basically 6 feet tall, let me just tell you: Finding jeans is one of the most tragic experiences of my life (I never wear jeans). Luckily, thanks to the utopia which is the Internet, there are actually ways out there to find pants that cover our ankles and everything. Skirts you can wear without worrying about flashing everyone in a five mile radius. Dresses that aren't inappropriate just because you happen to be wearing them. The possibilities are endless, guys.


Girls On Film Tall Pencil Skirt, $18, Asos

ASOS is my go-to online shopping destination regardless simply because they always deliver with trendy, interesting pieces from a variety of designers. But my favorite part of ASOS? The fact that they have a specific line just for tall girls. Ever loved a dress, but knew it would be too short for you? ASOS solves that problem by offering a longer, more tall-girl-appropriate option. Same dress, just a little extra fabric. Perfect.

2. J.Crew

The Tall Downtown Field Jacket, $118, J.Crew

A lot like ASOS, J.Crew has it's own tall brand of clothing. This is especially great for winter coats and jackets. Ever had a problem with sleeves that were just too short? I definitely have, but J.Crew allows you to find well-fitting clothes that, you know, are also pretty darn fabulous.

3. Gap

1969 Patch & Repair Sexy Boyfriend Jeans, $74.95, Gap

Again, Gap provides tall options for ladies. This is a great way to shop for jeans, button-downs and other essentials. The perfect white T-shirt never seems as great of an idea if it doesn't really fit properly, right? Well, thanks to Gap, the perfect white T-shirt is perfect for you too.

4. Lulu Lemon

Astro Pant Full-On Luon (Tall), $98, Lulu Lemon

Lulu Lemon offers longer versions of work out pants to suit taller women. Because work out gear is sort of kind of important too when it comes to fashion, right?

5. Zappos

Chinese Laundry Sea Breeze, $180, Zappos

Even though my feet are only slightly over average size, I know a lot of tall girls (and just girls in general) sometimes have trouble finding the right shoe size. The solution? Zappos. They have everything, and make it easy to search by size — up to size 17. Really.

6. Old Navy

Women's Cropped Skinny Sweatpant, $25, Old Navy

I rarely stop in Old Navy, but turns out it's a total hidden (well-priced) gem. I went in for the first time for only 15 minutes the other day and left with a new purse and a dress. Oops. And they offer tall varieties of all kinds of clothing. Pants, dresses, shorts – you name it.

7. Ann Taylor Loft

Tall Linen Cotton Dobby Open Jacket, $98, Loft

If you're looking for a work-appropriate jacket with sleeves that are long enough, Loft is the place to go.

8. Topshop

Tall Fringe Hem Aztec Pelmet Skirt, $77, Top Shop

When I first discovered that Topshop sold clothing for tall girls, I was beside myself with joy. One of my favorite brands sells clothing that will actually fit me correctly? Trendy, cool, I-will-soon-be-Alexa-Chung clothing? Sign me up.

9. Nordstrom

Michael Kors Theodore Sandal, $175, Nordstrom

Like Zappos, Nordstrom has all the designer shoes you could want, and in whatever size too. It's a win, win.