Kate Bosworth Launches 'Style Thief' Fashion App — Here are 9 Times We've Wanted to Steal Her Style

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It's been a big month for celebs, fashion, and technology. Not only did the lovely Blake Lively announce the imminent launch of her lifestyle website, but the equally beautiful Kate Bosworth has just introduced us all to her new fashion app, "Style Thief." According to Women's Wear Daily, the app, which was founded by Samantha Russ, allows users to snap a photo of someone — whether it's the street-style star they run into on the way to work or the celeb they're stalking on the red carpet — and then shop the look online. And though I'm sure it will be cool to find out what jacket the stylish New Yorker next to me is wearing on the subway, I think I'd rather use this app to steal the uber-fashionable Bosworth's style for myself. In fact, here are nine times I wish I could have done just that.

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