Vitalii Sediuk Leaves Country After Punching Brad Pitt & Tries to Play the Victim While Doing It

Vitalii Sediuk already knows that you won't miss him. At least, that's what he said when he made this special announcement. For those who have already put him out of their minds, Sediuk is better known as the Red Carpet Prankster or the Man Who Assaulted Brad Pitt, which was just the latest of many wild and wacky stunts Sediuk pulled around celebrities. His sense of humor makes him believe crawling under America Ferrera's dress at the Cannes Festival and trying to accept an award on Adele's behalf are hilarious things to do, but it appears that we're about to see the last of him. Vitalii Sediuk is leaving the country because even he can take a hint.

Sediuk spoke exclusively with The Hollywood Reporter to admit that he is leaving Los Angeles and moving to London in order to become a model. He also issued a blanket apology to the many celebrities that he's accosted in the past as part of his evident desire to make a change. It's a pretty good thing to see Sediuk go from completing his court-ordered community service with Brad Pitt's face plastered on his shirt to humbly apologizing for any harm or offense he may have caused, but his apology falls flat.

"The motivation behind all my pranks was always positive even when some of them went wrong and were not understood by the public," said Sediuk to The Hollywood Reporter. "I came to the decision to move overseas, but there's some part of me that will stay in this city. I know you will not miss me."

Doing your community service while wearing the face of your prank victim on your shirt kind of takes away any of the sincerity you might otherwise be putting into learning your lesson and so does ending an apologetic statement with something like "I know you won't miss me" tacked onto the end. Sediuk is painting himself as a victim when it's his collective victims that he's trying to make the peace with. You can't thank the stars for being tolerant of your actions and then turn around and tell them how they'll feel about you as if you're deserving of their pity or their respect.

Honestly, I would have respected Sediuk a lot more if he hadn't tacked that part at the end. If he wasn't correct in his assumption before, then he's probably right at this point. It's unlikely that he'll be missed. On the bright side, his notoriety in America will definitely be an asset to his modeling career. After all, laying hands on Brad Pitt practically guarantees that people will always know who you are — even if it's just as the Model Who Assaulted Brad Pitt.

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