Jennifer Aniston’s New Fragrance & 7 More Celeb Perfumes That Say A Lot About Their Creators

Actress Jennifer Aniston is always the epitome of California cool from the soft waves of her hair, to her perpetual tan, to her chill attitude, so obviously when it came to Aniston’s new perfume, she would want to capture a day at the beach in a bottle. The scent, J by Jennifer Aniston, has hints of magnolia, sandalwood, and vanilla bourbon, and acts as a sister to her eponymous perfume. The bottles clearly look like twins too with the exception of this new design being a blue ombre. Aniston told People magazine that “My debut fragrance is a clean, feminine perfume — it reminds me of the way you smell when you just arrive at the beach: fresh, with a touch of sunblock and sand. This new fragrance is its complement. It has a hint of that salty sea smell that reminds me of a day spent in the ocean. It’s relaxed and refreshing.”

Mmm, I can just imagine Aniston smelling like this — Wait. Is that creepy? I don’t spend much time imagining what a celebrity smells like, I promise. But Aniston’s perfumes just represent her so well, so of course, I wonder what other celebrity fragrances say about their creators.

Taylor Swift’s Taylor

Mega pop star and red-lipstick doyenne Taylor Swift's perfume Taylor is the third in the singer’s line of scents. It's a mix of florals like peony, hydrangea, and vanilla orchids, which are very reminiscent of traditional wedding bouquets. Fitting for a true romantic.

Justin Bieber’s The Key

I’m not exactly sure what scents are part of singer Justin Bieber’s The Key other than “exotic woods,” but key words in its description include “sensual” and “sexy.” From that we can glean that the scent does try too hard to be a little more adult as is the case for any kid pop star trying to become a man.

Kim Kardashian’s Pure Honey

As a reality star and now videogame mogul, it really isn’t a surprise that Kardashian's latest scent, Pure Honey, deals with busy bees. Her life is a hive of activity from her show to her sarcastic comments. There's always some new buzz about her. Besides, Kanye does treat Kim K. like a queen.

Beyoncé’s Rise

We might bow down Beyoncé, but the singer’s perfume appropriately encourages us to Rise with scents from orchid and jasmine, to basil sorbet, forming a royal scent to capture Queen Bey.

Rihanna’s Rogue

It’s not a surprise that the international pop star would name her fragrance Rogue, and bold ingredients like plums, lemon blossoms, jasmine, and pink peppercorn really do capture her adventurous style choices and attitude.

Jay-Z’s Gold

Rapper, entrepreneur, sports agent, etc., Jay Z would have a fragrance that uses blueberry, ginger, grapefruit, and cardamom, all of which sound like the makings for the much needed energy juice that Bey's man would need.

Katy Perry’s Killer Queen

The Dark Horse singer makes a nod to her stage inspiration Freddie Mercury with her Killer Queen perfume, and with its wild berries, dark plum, and rainbow plumeria it does seem juicy, whimsical, fun, and very Perry.

Images: E! Online; Amazon