Woman Completes 'American Ninja Warrior' Obstacle Course & Makes Badass History — VIDEO

And now, for something completely jaw-dropping and awesome — and brought to you entirely by someone with two X chromosomes. This woman beat the American Ninja Warrior obstacle course, proving that you don't need to have a set of balls to win a strength competition. The title "ninja warrior" knows no gender. You go, Kacy Catanzaro.

To any sexist naysayer who ever (very wrongly) claimed that American Ninja Warrior was a competition for dudes, well, you should feel a tad ashamed now, shouldn't you? Before Catanzaro, no woman had even attempted the final obstacle course, but now, not only has a woman attempted it — she beat the whole thing. Catanzaro got through the whole obstacle course with flying, super strength colors, and will move on to compete in the Mount Midoriyama challenge in Las Vegas. When you watch the 100 pound, 5-foot tall gymnast whip through the course with her mightiness, you'll be like, "Yup. This is a real life Super Woman."

This is girl power at its finest, and most literal.

It's awesome to watch, and it's also a reminder that women can do it, and that they are doing it— whatever "it" is. Your goals may be incredibly different from "competing on American Ninja Warrior," but nevertheless, this video is further proof that women can crush whatever they set their mind to. So... I'll get off my emotional soapbox now, and I'll start doing some push-ups..

Check it out below:

Team Ninja Warrior on YouTube

Image: American Ninja Warrior/Youtube