Scott Disick’s ‘Notebook’ Recreation with Kourtney Kardashian Proves He’s a Big Ol’ Softie — PHOTOS

When the Kardashian klan (spelling intentional) decided to take over the world, they introduced us to a number of things that have successfully (and unfortunately) infiltrated pop culture as we know it: the phrase "Bible," Kris Jenner's heinous bob, butt implants, and best of all, Scott Disick. He's brought us many amazing things since his first reality TV appearance — okay, mostly hilarious GIFs and an absolutely ridiculous social media presence — but with Scott Disick's recreation of The Notebook he really outdid himself. But we'll get to that!

Disick, or Lord Disick as he prefers (and deserves) made a name for himself on Keeping Up With The Kardashians early on as eldest sister Kourtney Kardashian's bad boy boyfriend. Between the drinking, the cursing, and the whole stuffing-money-in-the-waiter's-mouth incident, there was no question that God sent this glorious train wreck straight from the heavens down to the E! Network. After Kourt discovered she was preggo with baby Mason, Disick slowly but surely started to clean up his act. The mean, crazy drunk who fans loved to hate was all but gone, and in his place, the supremely fashionable and always-hilarious Lord Disick, a man of many talents, was born. Most of these talents include buying Lamborghinis and wearing velvet loafers out in public, but still. Talents.

His usually rocky relationship with Kourtney finally hit its stride once Mason made his debut, and since then the couple has brought forth yet another genetically gifted child, Penelope, and baby numero tres is reportedly on the way. Turns out keeping up with the Kardashian-Disicks is really where it's at.

Lord Disick has recently made a habit of cementing his love for Kourt in a series of elaborately romantic grand gestures known in this day and age as "Instagram Photos," all of which are totally aww-inducing. The latest is another shining gem for the collection: a cute black and white shot of Scott and Kourtney kissing in a row boat, with "Just like The Notebook" written across it, which is of course a reference to Noah and Allie's iconic boat scene in the film. Scott aptly captioned the 'gram "Only better."

S'cute. Take a look at the rest of his social media odes to Kourtney, and as always, let the Lord be with you.

He captioned this one, "How nice" because *sigh.*

"Me and the fam"

A cute throwback to his pre-Lord Disick days.

Oh, you know, just some more Notebook-style rowing.

And of course, he had to throw a little bit of love Kris Jenner's way.

Not quite sure what that tweet means, but we're just going to let it fly.

Aaaaaand he's back. Nice while it lasted!

Images: Scott Disick/Instagram