Adrienne Bailon’s Rob Kardashian Tattoo Is Gone for Good After a Very, Very Long Time

After two failed attempts at removal, former Cheetah Girls member Adrienne Bailon finally got her Rob Kardashian tattoo erased from her butt for good, showing us that there is some truth to that “third time’s the charm” adage. The two dated six years ago, and if you were wondering, Bailon agrees that, yes, it is rather awkward to have another man’s name permanently inked on your body. Lucky for her, her current boyfriend has been understanding and supportive. “I think living the last six years with somebody’s name on your body is a little weird, and that’s a little bit more painful to have to explain that to my kids,” she told Extra.

Even so, Bailon was still anxious and excited to finally have that PicoSure laser procedure to get some real results this time. The Real cohost is fortunate, too, that tattoo-removal technology is now advanced enough for her to be finally Kardashian-free. What about those other celebrities who have regrettable tattoos for their old flames? Some didn’t keep at it like Bailon did and opted to hide their ex-lover’s name on their skin. Click through for five celebrity tattoo cover-ups.

Angelina Jolie's Billy Bob Thornton Dragon Tattoo

There was a time before Brangelina for Angelina Jolie, and we’ll call it Bobgelina. Yes, the actress and humanitarian was madly in love and married to none other than Billy Bob Thornton. Jolie was so taken with Thornton that she carried a vial of his blood around her neck and had his name on her left arm above a dragon tattoo. When they were through, Jolie kept the dragon but laser-removed his name, choosing to cover the scarred spot with coordinates of her children’s birthplaces.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Denise Richards' Charlie Sheen Ankle Tattoo

As Charlie Sheen’s second wife, actress Denise Richards and the Anger Management star celebrated their love by having his and her tattoos. She got his first name on her ankle and he got her name on his wrist, but after the two split in 2006, Richards reworked the script for the image of a fairy.

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Halle Berry's David Justice Butt Tattoo

In 1992, actress Halle Berry tattooed baseball player David Justice’s name on her derriere when they got married. They lasted till 1997, and later on, the Oscar winner told In Style magazine that “tattooing someone else’s name on my body was a dumb thing to do. Now that tattoo is covered up with a bigger one.” She had her ex-husband’s name re-inked into a sunflower.

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Johnny Depp's Winona Forever Tattoo

In 1990, actor Johnny Depp thought his love with then-fiancée and Edward Scissorhands costar, Winona Ryder, would last forever, or so his “Winona Forever” banner tat proclaimed. But Depp’s not big on erasing permanent ink — he told GQ in 1993 that he considers tattoos as his journal — so to remedy his ex-lover’s name, he changed it to read “Wino Forever,” jokingly telling Playboy in 2003 that it’s “a bit more accurate.”

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Melanie Griffith's Antonio Bandera's Heart Tattoo

In June, actors Melanie Griffiths and Antonio Banderas announced their intentions to divorce after 18 years of marriage, and while the split seems amicable, Griffiths seemed ready to hide her Antonio tattoo during an award ceremony. However, instead of laser removal or re-inking the swirly heart design with “Antonio” in its center, the Working Girl actress chose to use concealer to blot out the name. It wasn’t that great of a cover-up, but it certainly made a statement.

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