This Beauty Queen Apparently "Isn't Pretty Enough"

Some little girls watch beauty pageants and dream that one day they will be crowned with a "Miss" title for their own state. I mean TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras and its Honey Boo Boo spin-off is a reality TV phenomenon, despite France banning kid beauty pageants. Last week, 18-year-old Irina Alexeyeva won the title of Miss Moscow 2014, but because the Internet is full of bullies, she hasn't exactly been able to enjoy her crown in peace. A few mean people on social media have been mocking Alexeyeva's looks, saying she must have rigged the contest because there's no way she's pretty enough to have won fair and square. Ughhhh.

Alexeyeva is a tall, slender ballerina who studies fine arts at the Moscow College of Fine Arts, but the negative mockery reigns on. Despite of all the social media backlash, the pageant's head judge, Alex Ovechkin, defends the panel's decision and claims that the beauty pageant winner was the front-runner of the competition from the very beginning.

According to, Ovechkin said, "For us, the judges on the panel, it was one hundred percent clear who the winner was." And Alexeyeva's ballet routine for the talent portion of the competition solidified her need to be the overall winner. So with the judge's defense and the explanation of why this pageant queen was the true winner of the contest, why are these social media users so mean? It's honestly sad and a teensy bit pathetic. My advice for Alexeyeva? Don't read the comments.