One Direction's Liam Payne Probably Didn't Mean This When He Promised Fans a "Pure Banger"

Liam Payne is at it again. The One Direction darling has taken to his selfie-riddled Instagram Wednesday to announce that he has "been studio written [sic] a pure banger for you guys who like dance more info to come." Some Directioners may be puzzled over the nature of this new mystery song, but I'm far more interested in that word "banger." As an old fart-at-heart who doesn't have the energy to keep up with the kids these days, I'm continually puzzled that "banger" has become such a popular term. Although Miley Cyrus's Bangerz album and tour are the most widely-known uses of the word, it has had a number of uses over the years.

According to Merriam Webster, "banger" was first used in 1919, and in the years since, it has acquired more than eight official and nonofficial definitions. Some have fallen off the radar in recent years, and a few might just be bored high school boys submitting to Urban Dictionary, but lets explore the five most interesting options. Liam probably wasn't talking about any of these things when he promised his fans a "banger."

Breakfast Sausages

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Let's get the most obvious one out of the way: Liam probably isn't creating a tasty breakfast food for carnivores who "like to dance." However, the Merriam Webster and Oxford English Dictionary still have "a sausage" as one of the first definitions for "banger."

Gang Members

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If Urban Dictionary is to be believed, one of the most popular informal uses of "banger" is to describe "gangbangers." I doubt Liam will be delivering dancing gang members any time soon, but never fear, Schoolboy Q's got it covered.

A Raucous Party

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Another Urban Dictionary definition, this use of "banger" might stem from metal and "headbanging." Now it's possible that Liam will bring the party for everyone who likes to dance, but I doubt he's doing it from the studio. Instead, let Andrew WK instruct you on how to turn any situation into a banger.

A Beat-Up Car

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Many of the online dictionary definitions I found included "an old car in poor condition" in their definitions of "banger." Liam probably has only the nicest cars, but nonetheless, he could have also been talking about a real lemon.

Loud Fireworks

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I could see Liam concocting a song that makes teenage girls see fireworks, so this alternative definition of "banger" is surprisingly appropriate. Like many of these definitions, it's British in origin, so 1D should feel right at home.