Whedon Changed too Much About the 'Avengers'

Just eight days before the start of Comic-Con 2014, Joss Whedon has decided to drop a bomb on Avengers fans. Or, rather, Tony Stark has made a monster. Whedon teased his plans for the film Wednesday, showing off new uniforms for Captain America and Iron Man for Avengers 2, as well as the grim robot visage of his newest villain, Ultron. Although the pictures and promises of tighter, darker, better, faster, stronger costumes may have appeased some fans, he clearly gave fans a spoonful of sugar with which to take our medicine: Whedon has changed Ultron's origin story.

Anyone with a calendar and a working knowledge of linear time could have assumed that Hank Pym would not create Ultron as he did in the comics, since his debut film premieres two months after the second Avengers installment. To replace Pym, Whedon has slotted Tony as Ultron's creator, forming him as an artificial intelligence system to help the Avengers team.

The superficial might actually be Ultron's saving grace this time around, since his looks are almost a perfect digital rendering of the comics, which hopefully means that his character will also jump straight from the page. Whedon has also confirmed that the Vision will be in the next Avengers film, although he hasn't commented on whether he will be altering his origin, as well.

We'll see if there are any Marvel Studios surprises left by the time Comic-Con arrives, since this bombshell seems to have taken a lot of the mystery out of the Avengers.