5 Quick And Easy Ways To Tie A Headscarf

Having my bedroom and bathroom on a third-floor brownstone means the heat is rising just enough to make me sweaty only 15 minutes after a fresh shower. My mineral powder has been hung up for the season due to the fact that it will be dripping off my face within moments. I now stand in front of the fan every time I put on a new layer of clothing in order to achieve the showered look necessary to go out in the world. I don't have to worry about doing a blow-out too often, because I would inevitably pass out from the low heat of the blow dryer. What I do worry about, is that humid air on my fresh 'fro.

Putting your hair in a protective style that's safe for public viewing is always the best bet with wonky summer weather, but sometimes it's good to keep your hair covered completely to ward off dryness from the humidity. Unless you're carrying a hair sealant in your tote or backpack, chances are that humid moisture is going to make your hair feel real dry by the end of the day. If you've got some kink, applying hair sealants after wetting your hair is key for promoting hair growth and keeping tangled, split ends at bay.

This summer, I've already found myself rocking scarves and hats a few times a week to keep my hair-fights to a minimum. Of course, wearing the same scarf in the same style can be pretty boring. That's why it's best to learn a few different methods for tying your scarf to suit your mood and/or outfit. These styles are best with a large silk or satin blend scarf.

1. The Bowlers Hat

The bowlers hat is a great go to for casual affairs. Take your scarf of choice and cover your head with the fabric in the back and cross your scarf as if you were in the beginning of tying a shoe. Make sure both sides of your scarf are even, and twist each side. Wrap the each twist separately around the crown of your head and fold the loose ends of your scarf underneath. Voila! Ready for the World!

2. The Side Bun

This is a perfect style if you want to go extra and add a classic boat hat or fedora to your do. Begin by covering your head and making a cross with your scarf. Put both strands of your scarf on one side of your head and twist them together. Finally, take your singe, large twist and wrap in a circular motion against the side of your face. If you are going to wear a hat, keep your bun at ear level in order to fit your hat of choice.

3. The Turban Style

This is one of my fave styles for when I'm wearing loose casual dresses and big klunky earrings. Cover your head with your scarf and cross the fabric in the front middle of your head. Next, make one big twist with each strand and wrap in a circular motion. Make sure that your hair is completely covered, since the idea is to keep your hair protected. This will have you feeling like your own unique version of Erykah Badu.

4. The Grecian Two Twist

This style goes with every outfit, feeling casual? Grecian Two Twist. Feeling hung-over and late for work? Grecian Two-Twist. Feeling fancy? You guessed it, Grecian two-twist. First, cover your head with your scarf and cross the fabric in the middle of your head, making sure each side is even. Next twist each section, separately and cross the sections in the back, middle of your head. Twist the new section of fabric upwards towards the origin of the style and tie the fabric in one final knot. This is definitely going to be best with an extra large scarf.

5. The Bouffant Bow

If you need to be the bell of the ball, but your hair wants to call out sick, this is a great style for even the classiest of affairs. Cover your head with your scarf and cross the fabric in the middle of your head, making sure all of your hair is covered. Next, make a giant bow with the loose fabric. Take each loose strand of fabric and tie underneath the knot. Bobby pins shouldn't be necessary if you have a silk scarf with a smidge of cotton in it, but if you are using pure silk then pin the loose strands with bobby pins to keep your bow neat and big.

If you've already mastered these scarf ideas, check out this youtube video from LoveYourTresse's to learn more styles from my fave scarf guru!

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson