Farrah Abraham's Daughter Will Probably Make a Sex Tape, Says Farrah Abraham

It's highly unlikely that anyone is under the impression that Teen Mom-turned-porn-star Farrah Abraham is, how do I put this, an ideal mom? From waxing her toddler's eyebrows to thinking her 5-year-old ought to have her "own life," Abraham isn't the lady new mothers go to, seeking out advice. And it doesn't seem like she cares or is doing much to change that. In fact, in a recent interview, when Farrah was asked what she would say if Sophia, her now-preschool-aged daughter, asked her about being in a sex tape years from now, she said, "Well, she'll probably say, 'I had to try it.'" Abraham then explained how she'd be cool with her toddler dabbling in porn eventually.

While it's great that Farrah is a believer in "turning negatives into positives," it's also important that she realize the value in learning from her mistakes — and teaching her daughter that very same thing. Farrah has every right to live and let live, but... her daughter is 5 right now. Anyone else find it the eensiest bit weird that she's assuming this is a path her child will automatically take?

Oy. Farrah, what are we going to do with you? Or, perhaps, a more apropos question would be: what is Sophia going to do with you? Godspeed, little girl. Godspeed.