Why Anna Paquin Might be a Mythical Creature

Well, Anna Paquin is officially Sookie Stackhouse no longer. The True Blood actress has changed her signature blonde locks to several shades of blue, purple, and turquoise after wrapping the show's final season. Paquin debuted her new 'do on Twitter, where she said it "fulfilled my teen dream of being a mermaid." Her husband and co-star Stephen Moyer replied via Twitter, saying "Wow wife... You look amazing. #sookie is no more :( Long live Mrs Emery...! Xx #TrueToTheEnd #tbs7 #trueblood"

Anna Paquin may have finally left her character Sookie Stackhouse behind for good, but it doesn't seem like she's done with the world of the supernatural. The star has always had the air of the supernatural hanging around her, and her new haircolor suggests that she's not leaving that behind anytime soon. Paquin has had quite the enchanted life as an actress in fantasy television and movies, and her personal life seems no less magical. And between mutants, vampires, fairies, and mermaids, who knows what superpowers the actress formerly known as Sookie Stackhouse really holds? Either way, it seems like there's a little more than just movie magic going on with the True Blood actress. Maybe blue is her natural hair color after all...

She Has Supernatural Roles

Between playing a telepath in True Blood and the mutant who can absorb the abilities of others, Rogue, in X-Men, Paquin has played some seriously super powerful characters. In fact, besides her turn as a child actress in The Piano, Paquin's most well-known roles are both women who are a little more than human. Coincidence?

She's a Closet Goth

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Paquin wasn't afraid to reveal that she's in touch with her dark side. Paquin says in her heart she's still a sullen, 14-year old goth girl listening to grunge in her headphones. She's also a bit sardonic, especially when a doctor suggested when she was a teenager that she should get her gap fixed: "Somewhere between the doctor putting his finger in my mouth and saying that he could fix it for me, I was like, 'Yeah, and I could bite your finger right now.'"

She Loves Kicking Ass

Paquin might just have as much bloodlust as some of the vampires on True Blood. She's told ComicCon that her favorite part of True Blood is the fighting: "I get to kick someone's ass ... It was quite possibly the most fun I've had … ever. I don't know what that says about me..." And her husband, Stephen Moyer, says she's quite a fighter in the boxing ring. "I like the sport and she likes the blood. I'm like, 'Stop the fight, people are getting hurt, I can't bear it!' and she's going, 'Go on, hit 'em!' She loves it. She boxes too," Moyer said.