She Just Gave Her Son The Sex Talk

Do you remember your parents giving you the sex talk? Well, I bet it was nothing like the one Jenny McCarthy's 11-year-old son Evan heard. On Tuesday, The View host revealed to Us Weekly that she'd had "the talk" with her son and basically "horrified" him. Apparently, McCarthy gave her son "the birds and the bees" talk and then showed him a YouTube video of a woman going into labor. Well, if there were ever a way to convince at 11-year-old that he's not ready for sex, that's definitely it.

McCarthy laughed about it and explained that the whole conversation came up after Evan saw a viral video of a woman giving birth. And, because he was so "tortured" by hearing the woman's screams that the future Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg had to sit down and have "the talk" with him. The 41-year-old mom wasn't surprised at all that the time had come to have this always-awkward conversation with her son. She told Us Weekly, "I kind of knew it was time because I accidentally told him...that sex was like feet rubs."

Shortly after, McCarthy reveals, that she found "2,000 pic of foot rubs" on her son's iPad and feared that she'd given him a foot fetish for life by her nonchalant comment. (Has she never seen American Pie? Comparing sex to something innocent never turns out well — never.) So the Singled Out host sat Evan down and had a for real "the talk" with him that she says, "I’m proud to say that Evan will never be having sex for the rest of his life after my conversation."

So what exactly did the single mom say to her son to make him "horrified" and never want to have sex "for the rest of his life"? McCarthy told Us Weekly that she was straight-up with her son about the physical parts of sex before telling him that he's way too young, which I'm sure embarrassed him beyond comprehension. McCarthy, who prides herself on having the type of relationship with her son that's open to conversations like these, but even she admits that she "can't even imagine" how horrified Evan was in the moment.

Heck, neither can I.