Nicole Richie's Kids & Famous Family Prove 'Candidly Nicole' Is Worth Watching

Nicole Richie will be back on reality TV with Candidly Nicole , her new reality series. A huge part of her life is her family, from famous dad Lionel to her husband Joel Madden and adorable kids, Sparrow and Harlow. Here's your primer on everything you need to know about Richie's family before Candidly Nicole premieres on Thursday night.

Richie Doesn't Want to Spoil Her Kids

After her own lavish upbringing resulted in a bad attitude and trouble with the law, Richie supports parents who don’t leave large amounts of money to their kids, and doesn’t want Harlow and Sparrow to be spoiled.

Image: Nicole Richie/Instagram

Harlow Takes After Joel

Madden recently said in an interview that Harlow, his 6-year-old daughter, loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. So she sounds like Joel, but she looks just like Nicole. The best of both parents!

Image: Nicole Richie/Instagram

Sparrow Loves His Mom

Richie just has to stop to smooch 4-year-old Sparrow. Look at that mother-son bond.

Image: Nicole Richie/Instagram

The Madden Bros Are Making More Music

Cameron Spencer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Joel fronts the band Good Charlotte alongside his twin brother, Benji Madden. While GC has been on a temporary hiatus for the past few years, they’re coming out with a new album as “The Madden Bros,” Greetings from California, and a new music video

for single “We Are Done.”

Dad Lionel and Sister Sofia Appear on the Show

Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Richie’s father and younger sister, Sofia, have appeared in the web version of Candidly Nicole and appear in the trailer for the VH1 show. They’ve grown up a lot since this family photo, but seem just as close.

Cameron Diaz is Dating Richie's Brother-In-Law

Jason Kempin/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Nicole set up Cameron Diaz with Benji earlier this year. Though we would have never guessed “tattooed former rock star” as Cameron’s type, their relationship is going strong.

Their Family Pics Are #TBTs

Richie and Madden have both stopped posting recent photos of their kids, but occasionally throw out an amazing #TBT or holiday pic, like this one of the family out on Halloween dressed like the Addams family.

Image: Nicole Richie/Instagram