Angel Haze & Ireland Baldwin Are Engaged — At Least According to This Instagram Post — PHOTO

Despite the media's tendency to claim that rapper Angel Haze and model Ireland Baldwin are "just friends," the pair are one of the most adorable couples on social media. Both Baldwin and Haze aren't afraid to tweet their texts or post romantic couple selfies on Instagram...they are both millennials, after all. But one of Haze's Instagram posts might make you do a double take. It's a picture of Haze and Baldwin's hands, both wearing rings on their left fingers — Baldwin's ring looks like a yellow ring in a silver mouth, while Haze's ring resembles vampire fangs. The caption? "Liked it, so I put a ring on it."

So are these two really headed for the altar? It definitely seems like they're deep in the throes of young love. And they've already taking steps to make things permanent: the pair have matching tattoos of masks that say "We can be heroes" underneath. But there's some emphasis on the "young" in young love — Haze is 23, while Baldwin is just 18. And the two have only been publicly dating since sometime in April. The young couple is also not exactly short on obstacles. Haze's music career is just taking off and Baldwin is still a working model. And her dad, Alec? He's not exactly winning awards for "Most Chill Dad" anytime soon.

But then again, what do I know about love? (Answer: Literally nothing.) This young couple may have a lot of obstacles in their path, but if they feel like getting married is right for them, then who's to say that they're wrong? And with the unreliability of social media, their "engagement" might actually be a number of things. Maybe it's a prank. Maybe they just bought some nice matching rings. But if they walk down the aisle or not, one thing is for sure: this power couple doesn't need a filter.

Instagram: Angelhaze