'Gone Girl' Will Open New York Film Festival But Is the Film Good For Ben Affleck?

If you've read Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, you know that in order to do the novel justice, the movie had to be of a reputable quality. Which means no typical, cheesy suspense-thriller cliches and badly timed music. With the twists, turns, and unpredictable plot points, Flynn lays the ground work for what could be a truly entertaining and satisfying film. So it bodes well that the much anticipated thriller has been bestowed quite a prestigious honor. The novel-turned-film has been selected to open up the New York Film Festival and as the Hollywood Reporter points out, that's good news for the film awards-wise, considering Captain Phillps opened last year and was nominated six times for an Academy Award. Not too shabby.

But, this makes me question whether just the movie will receive or at least be nominated for an award. There's been a certain stigma against a certain actor, *cough* Ben Affleck, that stars in the film as the mysterious husband Nick, of the "gone girl," Amy, and it's been difficult for him in the past to shed the scarlet letter on his frock labeled "Gigli." Yes, Argo won the Oscar for best film, but Affleck himself was very clearly left out of any individual awards. Could this be the turning point for him? If the complicated and sometimes sinister character of Nick is any indication, there's a lot of material for the Good Will Hunting actor to work with.

Affleck may just be able to pull it off. Check out the clip below to decide for yourself.

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Image: New Regency Pictures