Career of the Year Barbie Unveiled, and This Year, She's Going to Mars

This year's "Career Of The Year" Barbie is.... a Mars-bound astronaut in a pink-accent spacesuit! Launched in cooperation with NASA in order to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Mars Rover Curiosity landing, Mattel's statement about the new doll reads:

I have conflicting feelings about Barbie. Although I don't think that playing with Barbies is going to necessarily permanently damage the self-esteem of every little girl, I do think that Barbie is, in many ways, problematic (namely because of her influence on body image). And although I'm glad to see that Mattel continues to create themed Barbies that provide good examples of awesome careers for women, I can't help but wish that maybe the "Mars Explorer" was a just a little bit less pink. I mean:

Still, the pinkness doesn't offend me as as much as it seems to offend Megan Garber over at The Atlantic . An astronaut Barbie that goes to Mars is pretty much ok in my book, no matter how she's styled.