Anna's Instagram Is Adorable, Thanks to Kaitlyn

As much as I love all types of TV, there's one thing that reality TV has that other scripted shows don't: Real people. Okay, so not everything about what viewers see is real, but the people actually do exist, which means fans can stalk their favorite "characters" via social networking. And the cast of TLC's Here Comes Honey Boo ? They're possibly the most human reality stars ever. And after the hours of pure entertainment that were born after stalking the Instagram account that Mama June shares with Alana, it was time to dig deeper.

This time, I unearthed an Instagram belonging to Anna — also known as Chickadee — and if you love her daughter Kaitlyn and/or pictures of adorable babies in general, you need to see the photos she posts. Also: Tons of camo, which is not surprising when you consider that the woman who raised Anna and the guy she married are both totally enamored by the pattern. But out of Anna's 301 uploads, there were some that stood out from the pack. Enjoy! And, um, if you're suddenly stricken with the urge to have a baby for the pure reason of creating your own Instagram adorableness, know that you're not alone.

Duckface galore

Ugh. Duckface. The worst. But Anna's still a teenager, and all teenagers go through that phase. None of us are immune to that particular epidemic, but unfortunately Anna seems to have been hit pretty hard. The good news? Her pictures are still cute. This girl cleans up nice!

As much baby Kaitlyn as you can handle

And she is unfailingly adorable in every single picture she's in. Can we talk about this video where she dances and announces that she's cute? Because she is. Oh my god. Can I babysit?

Including this sweet selfie

Even though Anna just moved her daughter into that terrible, terrible house with her new husband, Michael, she obviously loves her daughter like any mom should — and this picture shows that the feeling is mutual. I can't handle it. Someone give me a baby, now!

And did you know Anna has a tattoo?

If you haven't noticed, everything involves Kaitlyn — including Anna's ink. This tattoo marks the day Kaitlyn was born and while I'm usually of the mindset that getting anyone's name tattooed on your body is not a good idea, getting your daughter's, doesn't seem so bad.

But best of all: This.

Yep, that's BJ Golnick, a member of the Honey Boo Boo camera crew, styling in a one piece that matches Alana's. And if you ask me, they both look fabulous. A+.

Images: TLC, annamarie35/Instagram