Rent the Runway Introduces Subscription Service So You Can Rent Designer Accessories Like DVDs

When Rent the Runway was founded in 2009 it changed the way we relate to designer fashion. Suddenly, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta gowns were within reach, at least temporarily, for a fraction of their actual cost. But, like any forward-thinking brand would, they're introducing something new. Rent the Runway is launching a subscription service for accessories. Think of this as Netflix for your closet.

Rent the Runway's original focus was on the event dress. Most customers rent an outfit and accessories for a specific occasion and return the pieces once that occasion has passed. The subscription service, called Unlimited, looks beyond these rarer moments where a woman has somewhere fancy to go and into her daily closet. As an Unlimited customer you pay $75 a month to receive three designer items (accessories and outerwear only) and wear them as long as you like, then swap them out for something else in your queue.

“You get to run through your favorite virtual mall department store, pick out everything you’ve ever dreamed of wearing, put it onto a queue, and it’s going to come straight to you,” chief executive Jennifer Hyman tells Fortune. “It’s like a fashion dream.” As someone who has played an imaginary version of that game with many an issue of Vogue, I can attest that the dream of pointing at designer wares and suddenly owning them, however briefly, is alive and well.

Unlimited boasts accessories from over 100 designers, including Balenciaga, Helmut Lang, Elizabeth and James, Vera Wang, and Pamela Love. I'm feeling lightheaded just thinking about that impressive line-up. If you're as excited about those names as I am, head over to and subscribe to Unlimited.