Joel Madden Caught With Weed in Australia. Who knew Celebrities Liked Drugs?

Apparently, smoking the wacky baccy is largely disapproved of in Australia, as Joel Madden was kicked to the curb when a "small amount" of weed was found in his room. Really? I'd probably be smoking the ganj every day if I was a judge on the Australian version of the Voice, and apparently he had less than five grams, which is to say it was entirely for personal use. I get that weed is illegal, so law enforcement did what they had to do, but whoever that uptight cleaning lady is who found Joel's stash... you sort of suck.

First of all, I don't think anyone in the world is super shocked that Joel Madden smokes weed. Secondly, it seems odd that one could find weed without rooting through another's stuff pretty intently — who just leaves their bag out for the world to see? Thirdly, Ms. Cleaning Lady, you reported it? Are we back in the '30s pulling some weird Reefer Madness propaganda bullshit? Joel is a father of two, and the rest of the time is spent being Nicole Richie's husband. If anyone ever deserved a joint, it's probably this guy.

Perhaps that's a controversial view, but the fact is that he didn't just get kicked out of his hotel, or have his entire room searched — he is now on the front page of every website and newspaper so he's been publicly embarrassed as well. Whatever, Joel, host the Voice in Washington or Colorado and you can do whatever you damn please weed-wise, in your hotel room or elsewhere.

Image: Getty Images