A Nuclear Scientist Allegedly Vandalized Her House

In what could either have been a crime of hate or a crime of devotion, three 20-somethings — a.k.a., old enough to know better — were arrested in Rhode Island for trespassing on Taylor Swift's beachside property. Though Swift wasn't home at the time because she was too busy leading the live we wish we could all live in NYC (hanging out with Karlie Kloss!), her security guards were present, and the three troublemakers allegedly wasted no time throwing beer bottles, screaming "f--- you," and giving them the middle finger. According to TMZ, who of course has the inside scoop on the story, one of those arrested said that their actions were chocked up to drinking, it had nothing to do with Swift — and those middle fingers they were allegedly giving the guards? Yeah: according to him, they were actually "throwing up the peace sign like Taylor does in her ‘22’ music video." Riiight.

According to the Daily Mail, the three who were arrested don't exactly fit the bill of your average criminal: One, 28-year-old Tristan Kading, is a graduate of M.I.T.; his sister, 26-year-old Emily Kading, is a nuclear scientist studying to become a nuclear physicist; and the third, 29-year-old Michael Horrigan, saved a drowning 12-year-old girl with Tristan last year and received an award for heroism from the state of Connecticut. The three reportedly plead not guilty to disorderly conduct.

So — were they, in fact, recreating the "22" video, or was this really a "let's throw beer bottles at Taylor Swift's house!" crime? It seems like, for now, it's only left up to us to decide for ourselves. So, until then...