Britney Spears Dined & Dashed At The Cheesecake Factory Of All Places

Britney Spears is many things. One of those things is "respectful diner at The Cheesecake Factory, the world's finest dining establishment of all time." Er, scratch that — TMZ reports that Spears dined and dashed at The Cheesecake Factory. Brit, c'mon!! Who are you, the Olsen twins in that episode of Seventh Heaven in which they wreaked havoc on an impressionable David Gallagher by forcing him to jet before paying the bill at dinner?! (You remember that episode. Don't deny it.)

Okay, so apparently this is actually a misunderstanding, and Brit had zero intention of stealing gargantuan proportions from the restaurant chain. Brit didn't mean to ditch her $30 bill for the appetizer and salad that she split with her boyfriend, David Lucado, after their meal in Thousand Oaks, California. She just kinda forgot, as one does, I suppose, and then she headed out with her salad in a doggie bag, probably thinking, "this is tomorrow's lunch, YUM." Her people have said that she is full of remorse, and that feels "horrible," as it was a mistake. In fact, the guard thought Spears had already paid the bill. Perhaps he was so consumed in the presence of Spears as she dined at The Cheesecake Factory, or he was busy thinking, "of all places...The Cheesecake Factory?!"

But fear not, as Spears is aiming to make amends, as TMZ reports that once she realized her blunder, she gave the waitress a $100 tip as an apology.

But the real atrocity here? HOW DO YOU GO TO THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY AND NOT ORDER CHEESECAKE!? That's blasphemous, I tell you. Just blasphemous.

Images: Tumblr