10 Tents That'll Actually Make You Want To Camp

by Marisa Riley

There are two kinds of people: the ones who are die-hard campers, and the ones who silently fear camping…yet get talked into it all the time, especially during the warmer months (like moi). To those who are anxiety-ridden over an upcoming camping trip (and wish that tent from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire was available for purchase on Amazon), relax. We’ve created a list of incredible, fun, and very non-fictional tents that will actually get you pumped about venturing into nature and sleeping on the ground. And to the die-hard campers: prepare to nerd out, we’re about to satisfy all of your tent porn needs:

Let's do this.

1. The Treehouse Tent


Behold: the treehouse tent! Business Insider reports that London architect Alex Shirley Smith designed a portable treehouse that allows campers to “experience the magic of hanging out in trees.” Available at REI, this tent/hammock hybrid is the ultimate way to sleep outside.

2. The VW Camper Van Tent


Thanks to Oddee, we’re now aware of the VW Camper Van Tent — a tent replica of a 1965 Volkswagen Camper Van. According to FireBox, it was even made to scale, and is officially licensed by Volkswagen. This tent would be an excellent dwelling for those who wish they could go back in time and experience the Age of Aquarius — or, of course, anyone who knows what the Dharma Initiative is.

3. The Sandwich Tent

Field Candy

Sometimes, Urban Outfitters just gets it — even when "it" is more hipster (hipsterier?) than a hamburger phone. If you want to have the most enviable tent on the campsite, go with FieldCandy's sandwich tent. Unless, of course, there are bears in the area...

5. The Solar-Powered Tent

Bang Bang Tents

Can't bear to part with even one of your screens? You need one of Bang Bang Tents' solar powered dwellings, as discovered by The Awesomer. Thanks to their design, and the sun, you can plug in those electronics you love so dearly and stay connected. Sure, it might defeat the purpose of camping, but who cares! It's 2014, and you don't have to wait until you get back to Instagram this.

6. The Hammock Tent

Yanko Design

This one is for the solo artist, who prefers living alone, free of roommates. Or, in this case, tent mates. Thanks to Oddee, we now know about Yanko Design's "The Nyamuk"a hammock/sleeping bag perfect for one. It's sort of like the "Tentsile light", and according to Yanko Design's site, it's extremely easy to assemble.

7. The Beach Tent

Wavecave Surf

Any surfers out there? The Wavecave would be perfect for you: it comes with a surfboard case that doubles as a bed. It's also ideal for camping on the beach — the ultimate camping challenge. Another find by The Awesomer, the Wavecave is not only practical for beach sleeping and surf life, but it looks like some sort of futuristic igloo. Do it.

8. The (Utimate) Pop-Up Tent


And the award for easiest-to-deal-with tent goes to: Quechua's Decathlon 2 Seconds Pop Up Easy-to-Carry Tent. Yep, only takes two seconds to assemble, and it's ultra compact. This is yet another great find by The Awesomer — definitely worth keeping this one in mind for any and all (dreaded) upcoming camping trips. Seriously though, two seconds!

9. The Bike Tent


Cyclists! This one is for you! Topeak's Bikamper tent actually hooks to your bicycle so you can move it with ease. Designed to sleep one, this tent, discovered by HellaWella, is sort of like the RV for cyclists. Consider it a must on your next long ride.

10. The "Get a Room" Tent

Field Candy

FieldCandy has a plethora of incredible tent designs (they're responsible for the sandwich tent), but this one has to be the most ridiculous of them all. The "Get a Room" tent needs no description, other than that it's hilarious and sure to fool nearby hikers...