He Didn't Go To Thailand for an Upsetting Reason

by Nicole Pomarico

If I had to belong to any reality TV family, I'd definitely choose the Kardashians. Besides the fact that they're absolutely gorgeous and completely loaded, I'd really be in it for the extravagant travel. It seems like they're always going somewhere amazing or exotic, and I want in. And on this week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians , the fam's going on another international vacation, this time to gorgeous Thailand! But they're missing one very important part of the family: Rob, who decided to skip the Thailand trip. It's hard to imagine saying no to a trip like that (especially after how awesome it looked on the promo for the episode), but Rob's not interested.

So why isn't the only male member of the Kardashian clan on board? Although there could be a million reasons we're not privy to, all signs point to his weight gain making him too insecure to travel... especially to a destination where it would be hard to avoid wearing a bathing suit. Add in wearing a bathing suit next to his sisters, who work tirelessly for their slim bodies? I definitely get it — my best friend is a former pageant queen, and I shudder at the thought of standing next to her in a two-piece. It's just a bummer that he might've felt too badly about himself to make such awesome memories with his family. And who can blame him? Any pictures taken of him on the beach would likely end in ridicule and all types of awful press, because that's the way the world works.

The Thailand trip isn't the only family vacay Rob has decided to skip out on lately. He bailed on the family trip to Greece in 2013 for the same reason. When the episode about the trip aired last July, he admitted that his weight was making him really self-conscious, and predicted that if he didn't get it under control, he'd probably miss out on more stuff in the future.

"I'm not feeling myself, gaining a bunch of weight. It's just frustrating to me, I'm not happy going out if I'm not in good shape. Within the next sixth months, if I don't get this together, then I won't want to hang around everybody and I want to — so my mom doesn't cry and think something bigger is going on when it's really very simple."

But his most notable disappearance? Rob wasn't in attendance at Kim's wedding to Kanye West in Italy earlier this summer. I really, really hope his weight gain wasn't enough to put him off wanting to see his sister get married, and that Kim wasn't insensitive to his feelings. Let's hope there was a different reason why he had to fly back from the events overseas early before the ceremony actually took place.

I'll miss seeing Rob on this week's episode, but hopefully, he's in a way better mindset now than he was back then. Don't be afraid to get out there and enjoy your life, bro — even if you're not 100 percent satisfied with the way you look.

Image: Giphy