Her Beyonce Obsession Makes a Lot of Sense

by Georgette Eva

Anna Kendrick is a lot of things: a human, an actress, a singer. The list goes on, of course, but one of the most intriguing things about Anna Kendrick is her Beyoncé obsession. The Into the Woods actress is an unapologetic Beyoncé fan as her tweets and Instagram posts can attest. Sure she might’ve fangirled to the extreme when she got to meet the international super star at the Grammy’s last year — she thought she was being creepy — but Kendrick really had nothing to worry about, even if she did tell Conan she walked right by Queen Bey at first. It was just a casual meeting between two women, wearing designer gowns, and being their awesome selves. No big. “I feel like we’re going to be best friends or she’s going to get a restraining order,” she told the late night host.

Okay, well, maybe not a restraining order, but Kendrick really had nothing to fret about because when the young star isn’t photographing vats of sprinkles or tweeting The Rock, she’s asking herself, “WWBD — what would Beyoncé do?” Or she at least has in the past, and daily exercises like that have probably prepared her for meeting the “Drunk in Love” singer.

So either Kendrick has embodied that lifestyle to a T or maybe it was in her short stature all along, because from her work ethic, her star power, her hair, it’s clear as day that Kendrick’s more Beyoncé than she may think. Here are seven ways that the Pitch Perfect 2 star and Mrs. Carter are so similar that they were probably twins separated at birth.

They Are Very Threatening

As much as I dislike the phrase “triple threat” or any amount of threat count, I have to admit that these two ladies are threatening — just maybe not in the “I wouldn’t want to meet them in the back of an alley” sort of style. Bey’s a fashion designer, singer, actress, and dancer, just like Kendrick, who packs a punch with her voice, her acting, not to mention her hilarious tweets.

They've Won the Internet

What's that? You didn't know that the Internet was a competition? It actually doesn't matter because Beyoncé and Kendrick are media mavens. Beyoncé has won us all over with her family photos on her personal Tumblr and Kendrick continues to charm us with her bawdy-humor and quick wit on her Twitter account. Yes, we are all jealous that Jared Leto offered to share his hair tips with her.

They’ve Had Billboard Singles

We know that the two ladies have amazing voices, so it's no surprise that they’ve also had chart-topping hits. Kendrick’s single from Pitch Perfect “Cups (When I’m Gone)” broke the top ten of the US Billboard Hot 100. Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” peaked at two for almost twenty weeks. They can at least compare notes about it.

They've Had Superbowl Appearances

How could we forget that Beyoncé's Superbowl performance was so amazing, the power went out? Well, just like the Destiny's Child reunion and "Crazy in Love" show made a splash as the most watched TV event of the year, Kendrick starred in a memorable, hilarious, viral Superbowl beer ad for Newcastle. Nothing's more viral than beer, football, and a reunion of our favorite Independent Women.

They Can Rock Golden Locks

Kendrick’s blonde hair filming The Last Five Years and Beyoncé’s golden tresses are things to be coveted and envied.

They Can Also Rock Top Hats Like There’s No Tomorrow

Kendrick and Bey can certainly start an everyday wear trend with how fierce they make top hats look. Kendrick snapped a shot of her and J. Mendel at the Met Gala this year as she sported a suave chapeau, and Beyoncé's top hat and red get-up from her 2009 Oscar performance was a memorable bit of stage costume. Bonus point because Bey was at the same Met Gala with Kendrick.

They Share How They Woke Up

As expected, of course Beyoncé would share that she woke up like this:

And Kendrick is always ready to share how she is in the wee hours of the morning:

See? Kendrick has nothing to fangirl about! She's practically Beyoncé herself.