Kardashians' Thailand Vacation Looks Amazing on 'KUWTK', Even If Kim Faked the Instagrams

Pack your bags, guys. We're going to Thailand! Okay, so maybe we're not, but a certain reality family did, and thanks to this week's episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it'll be like we were invited too... especially since the vacay is being divided into three separate episodes. That's tons of footage! The promo for the episode that airs this week, "A Thailand Vacation," promises fans tons of Kardashian hallmarks: Drama, extravagant travel, Bruce being totally unamused by the antics of his family, and, most importantly, more of Kim's ugly cry. There aren't enough tears in the world to give me enough of Kim's ugly cry.

Although we won't see the full trip until after all three episodes air, we already know a lot about it — mostly because there's not a single member of the famous fam who can go longer than 10 minutes without updating their Instagram account. Not judging, because if I was, I'd totally be calling the kettle black. But if you want to get psyched up before watching Sunday's ep (or basically drool over how gorgeous Thailand is until you're ready to plan your own vacation) here are the highlights, as told by Khloe, Kim, Kylie, and Kendall's various Instagram posts while they were there — and in one case, a post that wasn't taken while they were there, and inspired quite the controversy as a result.


The promo leaves us wondering if Kim will decide to literally take the plunge and zipline in the rainforest — AKA an incredible once in a lifetime experience (well, for most of us) she definitely shouldn't miss out on —but there's no doubt that the rest of the family had a blast. How is it that Kendall can still look like a supermodel in a helmet when they make me look like Bob The Builder?

Kim's Infamous Elephant Selfie

The only thing better than Kim's ugly cry? The elephant selfie disaster. Remember when Kim tried to selfie it up with an elephant, only for the elephant to attack her? Yep, that happened on this trip, and the best part is the fact that Kris just stands aside and laughs at her daughter's misfortune, instead of trying to help or comfort her. The best.

Infinite Photo Shoots — and Khloe Looking Amazing

It's not easy looking fierce in a one piece, but Khloe managed to pull it off. Teach me your ways!

Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are now a true sign you're on vacation — kind of like getting hair wraps when you were a kid — and Kylie's are gorgeous. It makes me wonder if the rest of the family got any temporary body art. And that view — is that seriously a real place?

The beach, Of Course

They have to represent LA, even when they're nowhere near home.

The Google Image

Here's the photo that caused a Katastrophe. It was discovered that Kim didn't actually take the gorgeous shot, and instead found it on Google Images. Fans everywhere went kind of crazy, shocked that Kim would do such a thing. She had a simple explanation: she didn't have any scenic photos on her phone. Apparently unlike Khloe and Kylie, Kim never stopped to take a picture of Thailand's beautiful beaches, so when the time came to thank the country for the memories, she posted something she found on Google.

But hey, that doesn't make me any less jealous of this year's Kardashian vacation. If you need me, I'll be on Expedia, pricing out my trip to Thailand. Thanks, bye.

Images: E!; KendallJenner, KimKardashian, KhloeKardashian (2), KylieJenner/Instagram