Brandy Covers Coldplay's "Magic" & it's Even Better Than the Original — LISTEN

These days, Brandy Norwood might be known as a reality star, a Dancing With the Stars competitor, an actor in shows like The Game, 90210, and Drop Dead Diva, and the older of Kim Kardashian's infamous ex-boyfriend Ray J. But if, like me, you grew up in the 90s, you remember the ex-Moesha star simply as Brandy, singer of "I Wanna Be Down" and best song ever "The Boy is Mine".

And if, like me, that's the Brandy you grew up with, you'll be excited to hear that she just released a new song, and it's kind of a surprising choice for her.

Although Brandy took some time off from her career to deal with personal issues (she was involved in a horrific car accident in 2006 that lead to another woman's death and understandably decided to step out of the spotlight for a while), she did release a brand new album in 2012 called Two Eleven. But you may have missed the most recent track she dropped– an R&B cover of "Magic" by Coldplay .

You might think that Brandy and Coldplay are on opposite ends of the music spectrum, but Brandy is actually a huge Coldplay fan. In fact, she sampled their hit song "Clocks" in her song "Should I Go", and honestly, Coldplay has never sounded cooler.

Take a listen to her cover of "Magic" below and remember why Brandy is a singer first and foremost!

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