'OUAT' Won't Be Building Any Snowmen

Olaf was one of the most pleasant surprises in Frozen. After all, most of us went into that theater expecting to absolutely hate him and came out adoring him almost as much as we adored Anna and Elsa. Now with Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff making the trip to Once Upon a Time, we've all been wondering if Olaf was going to join the OUAT cast as well. The answer is officially no. Entertainment Weekly got some scoop from the OUAT creators about their Frozen storyline and apparently Olaf just did not make the cut.

On the bright side, Sven has been cast which means that Kristoff is still going to be the beautiful, pungent reindeer king that we all remember him as from the movie. We still don't know any details despite the fact that filming for season 4 is already underway, but with almost all of the main characters from Frozen confirmed to appear in Once Upon a Time, one has to wonder why exactly Olaf got the shaft. In fact, over the course of their spoilery chat, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis shot down a lot of theories about OUAT season 4 that might disappoint some people.

There's no Olaf.

I guess he finally did what frozen things do in summer. According to Horowitz and Kitsis, we won't be seeing hide nor carrot of Olaf on Once Upon a Time. Horowitz claims that "it wouldn't fit" and that Olaf's story was adequately told in the movie without room for them to be able or interested in expanding it on the show. Seeing as Olaf is a walking, talking symbol of the love between Elsa and Anna, this is an incredibly crushing blow. Then again, the CGI for him would have been ridiculous on a television budget.

Elsa won't fall in love.

If you were worried that Once Upon a Time was going to trash Elsa's character by dragging her into one of their infamous True Love pairs, you can rest easy. Elsa is not getting a love interest once she makes her appearance on OUAT. Despite the fact that Emma gets her incredibly powerful magic from her parents' true love, OUAT has always been a show about family. According to Kitsis, "We’re not interested in Elsa meeting someone, we’re interested in exploring her as a person". Basically, Elsa's most important relationship remains with her sister. (Sorry, Jelsa fans!)

The characters aren't staying.

It looks like the cast from Ardendelle are going to have about as much impact on the overall plot of Once Upon a Time as the Neverland arc, which is to say not much at all except to probably give Henry another relative to add to his complex family tree. We knew that Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff weren't slated for many appearances, but according to Kitsis and Horowitz, the Frozen arc is "close-ended" and the characters will not be appearing in season 5. When they said that this was just basically Frozen fanfiction, they weren't kidding.

This has nothing to do with Frozen 2.

Since the characters from Frozen are appearing in Storybrooke after the plot of the movie has occurred, and with full permission from Disney, there were some who were considering Horowitz and Kitsis' take as a prelude or tie-in to a Frozen sequel. Those people need to stop because they're denying that's even a thing. "Anything going on with the franchise in terms of future movies is happening within the Disney corporation," said Horowitz, which is a vague way of saying that this should be considered AU to the extreme.

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