Does Kesha Have A Boyfriend? Prepare To Be Jealous of the 'Rising Star' Judge

We've almost reached the halfway mark of the first season of TV's newest techno-enhanced talent show, ABC's Rising Star , where an app and an audience are all that stands in a hopeful singer's way. While the whole concept of an audience deciding your fate on live television thing has a certain intimidating feel that might make contestants feel like they're in The Hunger Games, the best part of the show isn't even its most innovative feature. The on-camera personalities are what make the show inherently watchable, and that's not even including the insanely dreamy host Josh Groban. I'm talking about the totally weird, but totally entertaining, mixed bag of judges that includes Brad Paisley, Ludacris, and Kesha. While Ludacris and Paisley have their charms, sure, the real star is human glitter bomb Kesha.

The singer, whose twitter bio simply states "i'm a rainbow," is admittedly a pretty colorful addition to the show, but what does she do with her time when not running her own cat cult or having the supernatural all up in her lady business? Unlike some of her contemporaries, Kesha hasn't been too big on the perpetual dating scandals, save for a silly kiss controversy with Adam Lambert in 2010 and her longstanding rumored relationship with T-Pain, which eventually just fell by the wayside. By late last year, Kesha was broadcasting some negative thoughts about her love life.

While she's hasn't been entirely open with the public in the past, the songstress has a new love and isn't shy about it this time around. Kesha is now seeing Brad Ashenfelter, who she met through her stylist, as reported by Us Weekly. She's quoted as saying that she "likes dirty guys" and from the looks of it, Ashenfelter has got the grody bearded hipster look down pat.

So what's so special about her new beau? For one, he was by the star's side during her time in rehab for an eating disorder, which puts him in automatic swoon-worthy territory. Ashenfelter definitely doesn't have as big of a web presence as his girlfriend, but he did take to twitter to offer his support on her post-rehab journey.

Ashenfelter is writer from New Jersey, according to a bio on The Inertia blog, where he is a contributor. The bio also speaks to his love for pizza and records, so we can't help but join the rest of the internet on majorly crushing on this International Man of Mystery (ok, maybe just New Jersey Man of Mystery). A source told Us Weekly that the relationship is helping Kesha mellow out and that she's "done with the party scene."

It sounds like a great relationship for Kesha, and I wish her and Ashenfelter nothing but the best. Now the big awkward question— when's the right time to talk to your partner about your ghost ex?

Image: justashleynicole/Tumblr